Main courses

Fried anchovies
Fish burger Pesciolone style
Fried octopus with capers, olives, tomatoes, rosemary and white wine
Chargrilled octopus
Fried seafood Pesciolone style
Fried Codfish
Fish and seafood grilled on a spit
Grilled scampi
Tuna steak with sesame seeds
Monkfish with asparagus sauce
Monkfish with saffron sauce
Squid and shrimps grilled on a spit
Salmon Steak chargrilled
Swordfish Steak chargrilled
Swordfish carpaccio with rocket and tomatoes
Salad with Codfish and salted mullet caviar
Salad with Codfish, tomatoes and olives
Salad with fresh salmon, tomatoes and pumpkin seeds
Salad with fresh tuna, tomatoes and olives
Lobster Catalonian style (tomatoes, carots, celery, onion)
Fish of the day (san Peter fish, Turbot, Gurnard, Seabass, Bream):
- Chargrilled “My Mother recipe”
- Baked in salt
- Grilled with olive oil and parsley
- Baked with soy sauce, ginger and chives